Lifting Equipment and Accessories


ASAN SAZ has a large team of qualified inspectors and engineers capable to provide inspection services for lifting equipment's in the oil and gas. Lifting Inspection is being undertaken thorough examinations of all types of lifting equipment onshore. Our team can create and deliver written schemes of examination to enhance an inspection program by assessing risk. To supplement thorough examination on any item of lifting equipment we provide the most comprehensive NDT methods available as may be required. Our inspection teams are multi skilled and are certified to SNT Level II according to SNT-TC-1A in different NDT methods.

ASAN SAZ provides special programs for:

  • Wire Rope Inspection
  • Shackles and sheaves
  • Loose lifting equipment
  • Overhead cranes and other structures.
  • Forklift trucks and mobile cranes.
  • Chain Block Inspection
  • Lever Hoist Inspection
  • Beam Clamp & Crawl Beam Inspection
  • Web Slings Inspection
  • Lifting Equipment (ACCESSORIES) Inspection
  • Lifting equipment Baskets, Containers and Cargo Carrying Units
  • Inspection of Safety Harness

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